Final Portfolio

Final Portfolio


December 2nd Response

People of Yemen Protest Drone Strikes Through Graffiti and Poetry

While looking through the posts of bloglists I had came across this post, about the people of Yemen using the power of poetry as means of protest, that I had found interesting. The people of Yemen had graffiti their problems through poetry where their problems would be shown right then and there to the public eye. The people have changed the use of graffiti from disruptive images and words on buildings to a new and powerful way of communication. This has definitely skewed my view of graffiti and opened a whole new world of how poetry may be expressed that I did not think to include.

Strings by Dan Waber

For the assignment this week I chose the electronic literature piece, Strings by Dan Waber. As I was browsing through the different pieces, this piece in particular had caught my attention with its interesting take of animation, compelling me to view the piece to its entirety. In this electronic literature piece, the author incorporates the use of a string or strings to create various words and animations. There were eight different segments of sets of usually two to three words. In some segments the string of words would travel across the screen and in others the words would be created from one string being twisted and folded to transform it into another word.

In the first segment “argument” there was one string used that was transformed from yes to no repeatedly. The string would move across the screen having the word yes on one side and twisted into no on the other. I liked this animation, really capturing the reader’s attention with the motion of the string. The repeated transformation from yes to no from one side of the other I believe is a cool representation of a person’s mind while trying to make a decision. On one side you want to say yes but on the other side you want to say no. This segment is like the tugging of your conscious, debating a yes or no going in a back and forth motion. In the second argument segment, each word is distinct moving rapidly across the screen. There is an inclusion of maybe in this segment as well resembling a mind again with jumbled thoughts.

In the third segment, the animation really suits the title “flirt”. In this part, the word no is moving across the screen but as it is moving, it quickly changes into a maybe before the word leaves the viewing area. The string is taking on life, flirting with the viewer of what exactly is the word being shown.

I really enjoyed the last segment of the piece called poidog. In this segment, a sentence of words is stringed together using the one string present. The string was transformed to form the sentence “Words are like strings that I pull out of my mouth”. It brings the whole piece together describing the string and how it is used in this piece. One string that strings together a group of words and that one string are pulled together to form a sentence.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 7.52.05 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-07 at 7.52.11 PM

Study of a Figure Outdoors: Woman with a Parasol, facing left by Claude Monet


The sun beaming upon a vast field

stands a woman protected by her parasol

intently gazing at the scene.

A treasured space

full of flowers and bliss

of beautiful memories from a long time ago.

Taking in every inch of a place left behind

the women relives those memories as though it was just yesterday.

Her captivating smile just for him,

her love,

other half,

her one and only.

Where did those times go?

Just him and her doing nothing but enjoying the other’s company.

Those simple times,

where no words were needed

to express their love.

Was it because their youth has escaped them

along with their young love?

Or just that their love

was never true at all.

Blog Post 1 “Carving in Possibilities” by Deena Larsen

In this article “Carving in Possibilities” by Deena Larsen, the reader must move throughout the image presented, to go onto, what the writer has described, a journey. There were many aspects of this journey that I found interesting and creative. The first aspect I was intrigued about was the sound effects produced by each move of the mouse. The chipping sounds, made it seem as if I was really chipping through the stone and physically carving through the poem. As I continued through this “journey” the image of the stone, became clearer and clearer when finally the journey was finished leaving an image of a carved stone face. I feel as though this concept from blurry to clear of the image symbolized the journey towards reality. It is as though at the beginning, the reader is unclear of what reality is and through this journey through the poem the reader was able to see true reality.

I also liked the concept in which the writer incorporated different font colors to indicate the reader of the different stanzas or different topic shifts. Since the reader had to move through the image to find each new line, the different font colors showed there is a different topic or “reality” as Larsen says. Even if the reader had moved onto a new stanza without finishing the other, it made the poem interesting really creating their own reality based on the lines the reader moved upon and read. I also liked how Larsen put deeper words on the areas of the eyes, nose, and lips. Making it seem like the senses are much more important than one might realize.

The overall poem was interesting in itself talking about the stone and who created it. How the ending statue was made and forged just like the new mindset the reader must have after reading this poem.